Our Service

LinkedIn, Posterous, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker, Forums etc…   Are you lost?! We thought so. And that’s why we’re here!   So what can we do for you?   SMVM (Social Media Virtual Management)

  • Social Media Evaluation.
  • Social Media profiles set up.
  • Daily Profile Maintenance – get in there, clean things up, make sure things are working properly, keep the profile functioning, cleaning out spam, being present throughout the day.
  • Assistance in building fans/followers/friends bases to create a greater word of mouth.
  • Content Distribution: Posting status updates to profiles, spreading the word about the company’s services across the web in relevant blogs.
  • Content Creation: coming up with content for the company.
  • Streamline the process of gathering information on online conversations.
  • Monitor online conversations about your brand in the social media sphere and joining them in case needed.
  • Engagement – Commenting, responding to comments as page, thanking, directing customers to help, dealing with basic customer service issues that arise through social media (according to company’s policy or creating one).
  • Blog Management: Posting, approving and replying to post comments that are made.
  • Monitor campaigns created by the company.
  • Integrating Social Media with your current marketing and branding strategies.

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