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Posted: 04/11/12

Take time….


Such a wide subject, and when it comes to social media marketing it gets an additional dimension.

At what time of day do you find yourself most on Facebook? Mornings or evenings? Weekends or week days? And what happens to your Facebook presence during the holidays?


Clearly each of your Facebook page fans has a different daily schedule, but most times you can notice prominent interaction hours.

For example, if your target fans are mothers to small children, most likely their increased presence on Facebook will be during nap or sleeping time – which means mid day and late evening.


How can the optimal posting time be determined?

First of all we have to understand that there is no one right answer and in many cases two status updates a day – morning and evening- can be the ideal solution. Nevertheless, the best way to determine is simply by trial and error. During a 2-3 week period  update your statuses only in the mornings at about the same time. After the test period, even if you were satisfied with the activity levels, do the same in the evenings. You might discover even higher activity rate (or the opposite). You might want to continue experimenting with other times of day until you reach your conclusion.




When it comes to holidays and weekends it is harder to experiment but use common sense- we can and should assume that even during the holidays people are still on Facebook and might even spend more time than week days. For example, on holiday evenings, people are probably at dinner with their families and so those might be dead hours for interaction. 

Another important issue is location, many of our pages have fans from different continents wihch means also different time zones. And so it is crucial to know where most of your audience resides – USA, Europe, Africa? You can easily learn where the majority of your audience is by looking at the Insights provided by Facebook.


We would love to hear if you found your ideal posting time.


We are here for you, at all times :-)





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