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What constitutes of a good post?

In our previous tip we talked about the visual aspect of the Facebook post, now we will focus on the statements, or in other words the use of commands at the end of your status post.


Creative writing and the use of beautifully constructed sentences, rhyming, poems, informative and inspirational posts, are very important. But, we have to remember the main goal of a Facebook status updates are to get a reaction out of the readers, not only an internal reaction but rather an action, even if it a small one such as ‘like”.

It is true that some posts win actions more naturally, because they are emotional, annoying, subversive and so on, but what about the simpler posts, don’t they deserve attention too?!

Of course they do, so tell your readers what you expect them to do – share! like! retweet! repin!





‘Call to Action’

As funny as it may sound, people like to be told what to do 

So go ahead and comment on on this post!

Please :-)



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