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11 simple, logical and unarguable reasons why your business must be on Facebook (we tried to stop at 10 but there are so many good ones):


1) Your compatitions are already there communicating with your potencial clients

Imagine a situation where an event takes place with all your potencial and current clientel and all your competitors are there. Now imagine that you’re not there! sounds like a nightmare! you probably can’t imagine it, because you would have never let that happend, right?! But this is exactly what you are doing right now if you are not on Facebook.


2) The connection between social media and Goggle search results

Google is continually updating and changing the way they calculate search results. Just recently they published their new “Penguin” method; which means, that the more your brand or business is active on social media, the higher are your chances to go up on search results. In other words, if you use your Fan page regularly, you could save the high expenses of Google ads and SEO. 


3) Don’t stay behind- show your customers that you’re ennovative and updated

The technology in the world we live in is rapidly changing and is unstoppable. People want to feel that they are part of this world even Passively. Once they connect with your business and see your suggestions and sales using Facebook, they feel they communicate with aמ innovative business. A business that’s not on Facebook is considered non exciting, sleepy and even boring. Would you really like your clientele to think that?!


4) Isn’t knowing what your client wants is every business owner wet dream?!

You would probably say you can’t ask each and every client that walks in what they like or would like to have. true. that’s what Facebook is for. You fan page is a community of people that has taken an interest in what you do and what you have to offer, even if they haven’t the most important move – buying your product or service. Here you have a chance to ask questions and get answers straight from the source- your potencial client. Using that info, you can plan and make changes so your product, store or service would be exactly what your customer wnats. And trust us, a soon as a person feels he is listened to he will become a client, and a loyal one. 


5) Free market segmentation 

Fan pages allow admins to see demographic data that in any other platform you would have to pay for, here, they are free! As a business owner, you would always face the question who is your target audience. Using the ‘Insight’ data provided by Facebook, you can know the age range of people who liked your page, are they mostly woman or man, which countries or states mainly liked it etc. Using this data you can sow a marketing strategy that would fit and lure your audience the best. 


We’ll push you in the right direction!



6) There is no stronger marketing method than word of mouth

Nothing bits recommendations! How many times were you uncertain regarding a specific purchase and finally decided when a friend or acquaintance said he bought the item and loved it. It happened to all of us and it will continue to happen because word of mouth is the strongest marketing method! Today, word of mouth is done a bit different, because we all sit in front of a computer and/or our smartphones approximately half of our waking hours. When we are please with a product or we saw something we would like to buy, we won’t pick up the phone and talk about it but we’ll share it viraly on social media networks. The best way of sharing is Facebook. Why would you not want to give your clients the opportunity to share your products and sales with their friends?! On average each person has 300 friends that might see the message!!! 5 shares is enough so 1500 people would read about your sale. 20% of Facebook users purchased something because they saw a comment or a post they saw on Facebook, and 38% of Facebook users recommended a brand they liked online. 


7) As a business owner, you have the responsibility to increase brand awareness

People don’t walk down the street simply talking about your brand, perhaps only when they physically pass your establishment. Facebook gives you an opportunity to bring up content that is related to your product or service. This content has value to your fans and will make them think about your brand and what it represents. You have a rare opportunity to tell your fans who you are and what you do. The audience is there, all you need to do is give the information! Take into account that 91% of adults who use the internet are at a social network on a regular bases, talk yo them!


8) More Facebook activities ———> More traffic on your website

The website is the home of every business. We want more and more people entering our site , because there, they can receive all the information and see all the products and services. How can we get them there? why would they just decide to go inside the site? It’s not the same as passing a store, spotting a sale and walking in. Wouldn’t you want your store and/or website “flying” in front of their eyes so they are reminded of your existence every day?! Of course you do! This is exactly what an active Facebook page does. A person surfs every day on Facebook to check his friend’s activities, what’s new in his favorite brands etc. How can he be updated if you wouldn’t have shared it?!. 


9) A fan on Facebook = a returned client

A client who is also a fan on facebook has more chance to become a return client, why? because you communicate with him regularly and he will start to know you and fells a certain type of friendship. This is why, once he has a need to buy a certain product that by coincidence you sell, then your business would be the first to come up in his mind. If this is not worth it, we don’t know what is….


10)You have a sale? how would people know??

Sometimes you offer a sale that is so good and attractive, but the clients are not pouring, and you wonder why. The question is simple: They just don’t know! How could they, if they haven’t passed your business that day?! Wouldn’t you like to know that there’s a place that gathers all your clientele under one roof?! That is Facebook.


11) There is no choice!

The marketing world has gone major changes in the last few years and the trend is more and more online. Sooner or later, your business would have to be present on social media networks in general and on Facebbok, in particular. isn’t it better to take preventive steps?! And try to understand the social media medium and take part in it before it’s too late to catch up.


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